Katy + Keri = Twingenuity

Here you'll find custom projects where 'the twins', Katy and Keri Keene,
have combined their skills ​to create unique, original pieces.
(Learn more about Katy and Keri on the About Page)

'Craving Citrus'

This concept was inspired by Keri's pastel Florida orange artwork that transitioned into it's own decor theme, 'Craving Citrus'. Original orange illustrations by Keri are now included on various home decor pieces designed and created by Katy.



'Outta This World' Children's Themed Room

Katy and Keri were hired to create custom designs for a a little girls room that was space themed and incorporate pink, gold, neutral wood and have unicorn and mermaid constellations. 

Below you'll see Keri's original hand drawn artwork for the space theme. To the right you'll see the rocket ship bookcase and chair built by Katy. The chair includes Keri's artwork printed to fabric for the cushions and pillows sewn by Katy.


 'Pineapple Welcome'

Keri's hand drawn pineapple artwork, below, was printed to fabric in different pattern styles, fabric types and colors.

To the right you'll see a few of the furniture and home decor pieces created by Katy. Products from these designs included pillows, bench cushions and cloth napkins.


Florida Oranges

Keri's original pastel Florida orange artwork, framed below, was created into home decor trays, serving trays and coasters by Katy.